Welcome to my musical world where Tamil sounds flow through my veins and the beat beats in my chest.

My Tamil roots are my inspiration and shape my creative journey. I let the richness and passion of Tamil music flow into my compositions and thus create a bridge between the worlds.

Standing behind the decks, pulsing electronic beats merge with the rhythmic melodies of my Tamil heritage. Each beat is an echo of my cultural connection and a tribute to my musical diversity.

Together we will create an atmosphere of togetherness and unity on the dance floor. Let yourself be carried away by my sounds and feel the pulsating energy that captivates you.

About Us
About the Company (DJ V ONE):

“DJ V ONE is a dynamic DJ company that was established in 2019. Our primary expertise lies in providing top-notch DJ sets focused on planning, quality, entertainment, and fun. We prioritize customer satisfaction and offer unbeatable value for money.

With our extensive experience, we have already participated in a variety of cultural events, including cultural festivals, weddings, birthdays, and corporate events. Our DJ sets create an immersive atmosphere and ensure that your guests experience unforgettable moments.”


Personal (DJ V ONE):

“DJ V ONE has been delivering exceptional DJ experiences since 2019. I am passionate about showcasing Tamil, Bollywood, and party tunes. As a DJ, my performances are primarily found at cultural festivals, wedding celebrations, birthdays, and other entertainment events.

I draw inspiration from Tamil songs and incorporate various entertainment elements to create an engaging atmosphere. My performances encompass weddings, birthdays, clubs, cultural events, and anniversaries. With my extensive knowledge in lighting technology, sound engineering, LED screens, and equipment, I aim to provide an unforgettable DJ experience.

I take great pride in building this service from the ground up and look forward to creating memorable musical moments for you and your guests.”